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Macha Mhongruadh agus Ríogacht na hÉireann / Macha Red-Mane and the Kingship of Ireland

Macha Mhongruadh agus Ríogacht na hÉireann / Macha Red-Mane and the Kingship of Ireland

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As told by Seathrún Céitinn in the 17th Century, this is the ancient story of the warrior-princess and seductress who battled her way to the kingship of Ireland.  This story is presented in Céitinn's original Irish, in Modern Irish, and in English translation in tri-language format, i.e., side by side by side for easy comparison, learning, and translation.
Format:  tri-language (side by side by side)

Length:  approximately 650 words per language, 1950 words in total, on 4 pages

The English translation of this tri-language article begins like this:

Did you know that we have a tradition that a woman was the king of Ireland long ago?  Well, we do. 

Macha demanded the sovereignty in her turn after her father's death; and Diothorba and his children said that they would not cede sovereignty to a woman; and a battle was fought between themselves and Macha; and Macha triumphed over them in that battle, and held the sovereignty of Ireland seven years; and Diothorba died and left five sons, namely, Baoth, Bedach, Bras, Uallach, and Borbchas. These demanded the sovereignty of Ireland for themselves, as it was held by their ancestors before them.

Macha said she would only give them battle for the sovereignty. A battle was fought between them, and Macha defeated them. The children of Diothorba fled for safety to dark and intricate woods; and Macha took Ciombaoth son of Fionntan as her husband, and made him leader of her warriors, and went herself in pursuit of the sons of Diothorba in the guise of a leper, having rubbed her body with the dough of rye, and found them in an intricate forest in Burenn, cooking a wild boar.

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