Cultúr Ársa na nGael don 21ú hAois
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Stair / History

Tá leabhair agus ailt faoi stair na hÉireann sa bhailiúchán seo.  /  This collection includes books and articles about Irish history.

History was regarded by the Gaeil as a literary art, but Ireland's written historical tradition doesn't begin with 7th century ecclesiastical annals.  Nor does it begin with St. Colm Cille's Cathach, although by all appearances we have his original 6th century manuscript written in his own hand.  Nor does it  begin with St. Patrick's 5th century Confessio and Letter to Coroticus, although copies of these survive. 

Instead, Ireland's written historical tradition begins with pre-Christian memorials to men and gods inscribed in stone using the Ogham alphabet, apparently dating as far back as the 4th century and perhaps even earlier.  Still older is Ireland's oral tradition of ancient sagas which tell us much about the law, custom, and world-view of these ancient Irish, and also about apparently historical events such as the rise of the Connachta, the rise of the Uí Néill, the burning of Eamhain Macha, the confederation of the Déisi, and much more. 

This collection will explore this brilliant historical tradition.